The Falconeer Wiki

The rare moment of peace for a warbird.

Warbirds have always been part of the survival strategy for people on the Ursee, together with their riders, the falconeers. Warbirds use thermals and potential energy to glide and fly as efficiently as possible. As a Falconeer, the player will need to use altitude, naturally occurring thermals and the bird’s natural grace to attain speed and advantageous combat positions and navigate difficult environments.

If the bird has enough energy it can perform rolls that are unique to natural flight. They can barrel roll or twist mid-air and turn the tables on opponents


There are different stats that affect the Warbirds the player rides upon. Leveling will improve your stats over time, but mutagens and chants also affect these.

  • Agility – affects turning radius and handling.
  • Speed - affects general speed and acceleration.
  • Energy –energy is required to perform dashes and rolls.
  • Health - affects total health.
  • Regeneration – recover lost health over time.

In other words, the warbird determines your speed, agility, and movement ability, while the falconeer class determines how much damage you can do.

Bird types[]

To purchase new birds, you must complete an obstacle course marked by a torch on the map, near the purchase location. Once complete, the bird will be available to buy.

Name Description Location Stats Cost
Mongres Born An import from the Mongress provinces, this is an agile and fast bird, favoured among Falconeers. Dunkle 3/2/2/2/2 3000
Mongres Thoroughbred These birds are reared for performance and a fiery personality. Port Remit 4/4/3/4/5 8000
Mongress Halfbreed These sturdy halfbreeds were imported specifically to serve the roaming Falconeer. {Falconeer Starter} 0/1/1/2/1 500
Northern Greydive Mercenaries prefer this agile variety due to their excellence in combat. {Mercenary Starter} 3/2/1/0/0 500
Imperial Cavalier These fast birds were bred to be interceptors with their rapid responses. {Privateer Starter} 1/2/0/1/1 500
Mancer Fearless These well-rounded birds are trained to fight alongside the giant flying weavers. {Mancer Seeker Starter} 1/2/1/2/1 500
Northern Sark Spotter The ultimate in northern survivability with excellent regeneration capability. Sark's Hollow 1/3/3/5/4 3000
Royal Strongfeather Bred exclusively for the Imperial Household and Royal Guards, these birds are fast and agile unlike any other. Imperial Peak 5/5/4/1/2 12000
Imperial Battlebound These birds are born and bred to serve the Imperial forces as frontline mounts. Mawbridge 3/2/3/2/3 4000
Ravenkin These are the more exclusive breeds mainly for Mancer Librarians. Formidable all-round performance. Stargazer 4/4/3/4/3 4000