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We must assume House Borgia has found the location of the Temple of Hidden Tears. They must be stopped.Lord Illuminator Belan


  • Lord Illuminator Belan: "We have kept these secrets because we retain the guilt. We pay the price, so they don't have to."
  • Lord Illuminator Belan: "The Temple of Hidden Tears contains the final truth and within it the potential for choice. That is why we hide it."
  • Librarian Drakken: "It is clear from their actions what choice House Borgia would make. They must never reach the temple."
  • Librarian Drakken: "We'll set off to take out their fleet and retreive the key they stole. It is en route here. Thsi is Freebooter territory, do not engage them! Only the Imperials."
  • Lord Illuminator Belan: "We must prevent them from reaching the temple. Make haste!"

In Mission

  • Brother Harman: "We will assist you Mancer, this time we will stand together against those who have destroyed our homes!"
  • Librarian Drakken: "There they are, take them down!"
  • Librarian Drakken: "The fleet is down! Inspect the relic while our forces search for the Key, it is time we discussed its secrets!"
  • Librarian Drakken: "This is the final truth, we are imprisoned here because we turned upon each other...because we deserve to be!"
  • Librarian Drakken: "But for all our people destroyed and the Maw bears witness to this, we stopped there from being any further victims or atone for our shared guilt!"
  • Librarian Drakken: "What you know as splinters - are the souls of those who die, their memories, their sum total. A technology so ancient we can only maintain it, its origins are lost to us. This technology uses up what power remains in the Gate."
  • Librarian Drakken: "This is the primary task the Mancer Order was established for thousands of years ago. To keep watch over the souls lost to the Ursee. Lost to the passing of time. To protect what we call the 'Tree of Souls' and thus keep the gate disabled."
  • Librarian Drakken: "And this we did, whilst desperately trying to rebuild time after time...and rebuild so we could use the gate again...while keeping the tree powered. We wanted to save everyone, every soul that has suffered because of our actions."
  • Librarian Drakken: "But that story isn't told in these temples. That truth we keep for ourselves. Let the people ascribe their own value to the splinters, they always have..."
  • Librarian Drakken: "The's come up from the wreckage! Pick it up and let us return it to its rightful place. Blessed are we to see our history so manifest, few do..."

Post Mission

  • Lord Illuminator Belan: "A small amount of comfort. We have the key and House Borgia is denied access to what it needs, for now..."
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