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โ€œ Your transcriptions have illuminated the location of two more shrines which, along wit the first one, form the Trail of the Mancer. Time to complete this trail. โ€ž
~ Spymaster Illias


  • Lancer Sala: "Both shrines are near Port Remit - close to Oberon's Reach...the Mancer stronghold! We'll provide cover for you, as you escort the Dreadnot past the shrines."
  • Lancer Sala: "The first shrine is here...again, as before, land and examine it."
  • Lancer Sala: "The Dreadnot will anchor at the neutral settlement of Port Remit. The Mancers will assume it is a play for control of Port Remit and intervene."
  • Spymaster Illias: "This battle should distract the Mancer from the second shrine, which is closer to Oberon's Reach. Use the cover of the combat to make a dash for the shrine and return safely. Godspeed!"

In Mission[]

  • Lancer Sala: "Let's meet up with the Dreadnot, near Fort Ichtys."
  • Captain Belan: "Good to see you! We'll cover your approach and cause a melee with the Mancer forces near Port Remit."
  • Captain Belan: "Full steam ahead!"
  • Lancer Sala: "There is the first Shrine, let's set down."
  • Lancer Sala: "This is part of the founding myth of our Empire, it will be useful as a key for further transcriptions."
  • Lancer Sala: "We've got incoming Mancer forces! All at will!"
  • Lancer Sala: "The situation is under control, but their reinforcements are coming. Let's head for the shrine now!"
  • Lancer Sala: "Splinters? ...Splinters contain memories? ...That doesn't make any sense! Perhaps it's a metaphor...the clues to the location we seek must lie somewhere within this riddle."
  • Librarian Saladmount: "The Empress will not let you run around freely for much longer, we will end House Borgia. Oathbreakers!"
  • Lancer Sala: "Time to go back, the Dreadnot will return on it's own, head for Shard Falconeer!"

Post Mission[]

  • Spymaster Illias: "Good work! These ancient relics are providing a wealth of information on both our past and the location of more important markers."