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โ€œ Welcome to my humble abode, they call me The Lost King; Lord of Pirates and Commander of the Lost. I have the means to provide an amnesty for all who wish to return to their old lives, but they must pass my service. โ€ž
~ Infamous Camile


  • Infamous Camile: "I possess an amnesty document that will grant you a return to your old life, regardless of how bad a pirate you are. To gain this amnesty, you'll need to succeed at three tasks."
  • Infamous Camile: "Let's start with the first... you should find this easy. A traitorous Corsair has decided to leave our service without my permission."
  • Infamous Camile: "A fairly legendary ace this one, let's see if you can take him down before he reaches his home town of Dunkle."

In Mission[]

  • Lancer Lorfin: "Aaah another sap! Strung along by that pompous fool! Sent here to kill me I presume? Did it take much convincing? You're just another thug eh?"

Post Mission[]

  • Infamous Camile: "Splendid. I'm impressed, taking on a Pteron riding Corsair by yourself is no mean feat."