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โ€œ Aah you're proving to be quite the loyal sea hound...with a good bite as well! Only one task remaining. โ€ž
~ Infamous Camile


  • Infamous Camile: "The Arbiters that are being sent to hunt us are becoming quite a threat. You are to take out a high ranking arbiter and their guard."
  • Infamous Camile: "We've picked a fairly secluded spot where we know they'll be passing, perfect place for an ambush. Head there and wait for them to cross your path."

In Mission[]

  • Imperial Arbiter Leathers: "The criminal we've all been looking for! We will have you and your so called 'King'."

Post Mission[]

  • Infamous Camile: "Alright alright, looks like I'm going to have to let my hound go, you have earned your reprieve. I'm a man of my word, I shall arrange it for you."