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The Temple of the Lost Father is a relic found in The Falconeer.


Oberon promised to make one final voyage of creation. Upon his return, he would teach his children the act of creation, so they might join him as equals on his travels.

And so...the family waited for Oberon to return. But time passed and Oberon did not return. The youngest son set off to find his father at the horizon where the sea meets the stars and embared on a voyage never to return. The daughter set out to attain the power of creation, long-promised by her father. The eldest son locked himself away from the world and chose only to converse with the creatures, in the hope that they would illuminate him on the plight of his father.

The mother was painfully aware of her loss, for her family had scattered and she cried the primal rains until waters covered the horizion; leaving only the mountains as refuge should her family ever return.
~ Seachantress