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The Temple of Hidden Tears is a relic found in The Falconeer.


As the youngest son and his sister locked horns, their conflict erupted into a great war. Wreaking havoc on the world, they spawned the force to shatter mountains and unleash giant floods. The eldest brother looked upon this and felt sadness at the loss, not only of his father, but of his beloved brother and sister. Together with their mother he attempted to reconcile the siblings. At the behest of the mother, the three siblings met to discuss a truce. But as the youngest son entered he threw the splinters of his father's memories to the floor. This enraged the sister and again ignited their feud. When the eldest brother tried to intervene he fell foul to one of their titanic blows.

It is unknown who struck the final blow, but as his body fell and hit the eternal ocean the two siblings saw at last the magnitude of the consequences of their war. And their mother came forth with a decree to stop their fighting and obey. To return to their people and take their responsibilities as eternal punishment for their crime. The youngest son did so, but closed off his home and shrouded his people making secret vows for none but them to hear. The sister returned to her home; stolid, immovable and cold as stone, for she knew what she had lost. The mother retreated from the world, and her tears rained down upon the kingdom a sweet snow. A reminder to the people that there was once water untainted with the bitter salt of her son's death.

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