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The Temple of Lost Creation is a relic found in The Falconeer.


Oberon was a wanderer, and he travelled the sky alone, until he took a wife, and he took her with him to create the universe. She longed for his attention so he placed her at the centre of the universe. One day, three children were born and Oberon set out to provide gifts for them. The youngest son was restless and wild and for him Oberon created a boat to sail and explore. The eldest son was shy and caring and longed only for the warm comfort of his family. The daughter was smart and yearned for her father's knowledge.

So, Oberon promised he would make one final voyage of creation and when he returned, he would teach her the act of creation. And as the family waited for Oberon to return, they grew old. The youngest son traversed the seas and came to know it as a prison without end. And he returned to his sister and told her this. His sister, angered, stated that his words were a betrayal of their father. Together they went to their mother who was an aged queen. She told them that she could not remember their father and that promises that were made to children would be forgotten by adults. She ordered them to return home and perform their duties for their people.

The youngest son screamed in torment and told his people of this great deception, imploring them to join him on his ships and leave this place. Enraged, the sister strode forward to halt her brother and his people - thus began the war of hidden tears.