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The Shrine of the Falcon is a relic found in The Falconeer.


After his father left never to return, the searching son released a falcon. The falcon was tasked to find the father, but when the falcon followed the trail of the father, all he found was a solitary tree. As the falcon perched on the tree he discovered it was edible, and with each peck he ingested a splinter of the tree, and with each splinter he gained the memories of the world. When the bird returned to his master, he was already dying, he had eaten too much of the tree; and the searching son opened up the bird and gave each of his children a single splinter, so they would forever share in the memories of the falcon and with it the world.


  • during the story mission Trail of the Mancer, its revealed that this shrine is the end of the Trail of the Mancer, part of three nearby shrines that contain secret knowledge known only to the Mancer Order.