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The Mancer Order is a faction in The Falconeer.


The Order controls access to all technology across the Usree and by ancient decree manages the march of progress along “the path”. Their goal over countless centuries is unknown. What is known is that they possess huge stores and vaults of knowledge and technologies, and that houses great and small can apply for permits to access and use these technologies, in adherence with Mancer codes of conduct.

The Leaders of the Mancer Order always elect their best and brightest scholars to leadership positions. Rector Magnus Belan is no exception to this, but with a hardline streak for strict Mancer doctrine he marks a return to a more conservative adherence to “the path”.

Currently he is slowing the technological progress allotted to the Imperium. Obvious plotting by House Borgia and a Freebooter uprising are cause to put ancient Mancer goals and plans on hold for the short term.


  • Searcher
  • Librarian
  • Lector
  • Rector Magnus
  • Custodian
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