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Rumours abound of vast caves beneath the ocean. The upsurge of Freebooters with no bases on the surface, leads me to suspect these rumours may be true. Time to investigate.
~ Shipwright Broadhead


  • Lancer Tienson: "There have long been tales of caves in the area. We suspect the Freebooters are using these as bases."
  • Shipwright Broadhead: "My brother the Forgemaster at Redmouth, let slip that the geographical surveys we need...may be held there. You need to deliver a substantial offering to them for those maps."
  • Lancer Tienson: "Once you have the maps, take them to Shard for analysis by our House Borgia allies."
  • Shipwright Broadhead: "You are heading into wild and uncivilized regions south of Maw. You'll go in alone and as fast as you can."

In Mission[]

  • Lancer Tienson: "Good luck, try and catch high jetstreams to get there faster."
  • Forgemaster Younge: "Aaah yes...a generous tribute from my metallurgical brother at Cleftspire. All for some geological surveys."
  • Forgemaster Younge: "All this newfound interest in geology and the pursuit of ore. House of Borgia came for my southern maps last year. We from the Redmouth take no sides, well...except family of course. Alright now, run along with your prize...regards to my brother."
  • Spymaster Illias: "Aah splendid...the surveys from Redmouth. It will take some tiem to decipher and analyse the data."
  • Spymaster Illias: "We will send word once we have located possible Freebooter hideouts in the North Reach."

Post Mission[]

  • Shipwright Broadhead: "This is a big step forward towards destroying these Freebooters...this plague of the lost...these filthy organic abominations!"