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What is The Falconeer?

An attempted assassination leaves the reigning Empress near death. As the seachantress heals her body she lets the empress experience the memories of Falconeers whose actions led to her downfall. Uncover the treasons and machinations that threaten the Ursee... And try not to die.

The Falconeer is ocean world RPG in which you take to the skies on top of a giant bird of prey, set in a vast aquatic world with four distinct factions vying for supremacy.

The game is helmed by Tomas Sala, of Moonpath to Elsweyr fame, featuring his unique visual style perfected in previous work.

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The World
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The Great Ursee
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The Falconeer's Guidebook

Classes and weapons


Mutagens and chants


Airships, manta rays, weaver dragons, razor beetles, surface vessels

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