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It is not possible to obtain the advanced targeting devices we need for our new ship. But House Borgia has a way for us to procure the upgrades we need.
~ Shipwright Broadhead


  • Shipwright Broadhead: "As we are doing a construction project for them, House Borgia have offered to assist us with acquiring some Mancer devices. We shall be stealing a Mancer Praudicus ship."
  • Lancer Tienson: "A Borgia infiltrator will be aboard a resupply mission from Basilicus Secundus. Sabotage, plus a conveniently staged pirate attack will leave the Praudicus crew in desperate need of rescue."
  • Shipwright Broadhead: "The first task is to attract some local pirates, there's a minefield here...clear it... The explosions should attract some attention."
  • Shipwright Broadhead: "Once the pirates arrive, our informer will s abotage the Mancer vessel...and we come in."
  • Shipwright Broadhead: "Clear the pirates and escort the ship back to a rescue vessel."

In Mission[]

  • Lancer Tienson: "There...take down the minefield, the Praudicus is closeby."
  • Lector Scummer: "This is a Mancer vessel Imperial, keep your distance!"
  • Mate Raven: "Aah Imperials blowing up their own baubles. Afraid something might hit back eh? Here we are... Imperials and a Mancer ship all for us!"
  • Lancer Tienson: "We can see you are damaged and we will help you back to a safe haven."
  • Lector Scummer: "It is good to see some Imperials still recognise the honour in assisting us."
  • Cap'n Windfell: "Now now...we be liking the sight of that damaged Mancer boat, might even be a treasure ship eh?"
  • Lancer Tienson: "Mancer Vessel, this fine Imperial steamrake will tow you to a nearby port. We still honour the path...remember that."

Post Mission[]

  • Shipwright Broadhead: "Excellent! We have a Pradicus to examine, a crew that believes they've been rescued and once we've learned and taken what we want, we'll return the ship and the Mancer will be none the wiser."