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β€œ The Mancer have been fended off and we have the final location of the gate. That which our ancestors entrusted us to find, is ready to be found. β€ž
~ Spymaster Illias


  • Spymaster Illias: "House Borgia has always known of a gate, an exit from the Ursee. The gate to a world unblighted by this endless water."
  • Spymaster Illias: "The Mancer Order has hidden it, but House Borgia has never forgotten it. Even as our ancestors worked with the Mancer Order, they knew to keep that vital knowledge."
  • Spymaster Illias: "Now we will find this gate and we will open it for all the people of the Ursee, to be the failsafe our ancestors envisioned. This is our holy release all the people from this world."
  • Lancer Sala: "And with it release ourselves from the suffocating grip of the Mancer Order. We head for the gate!"

In Mission[]

  • Lancer Sala: "We escort the Dreadnot to the gate, it is enigmatically located at the near end of the Maw. So close, it'd be interesting to find out how it remained hidden."
  • Captain Belan: "A final journey for this mighty ship, full speed ahead!"
  • Lancer Sala: "Mancer weavers incoming, let's see them off."
  • Lancer Sala: "Their enthusiasm seems to have waned, we'd expect a bigger showing than that...curious."
  • Spymaster Illias: "We have no idea the state of the gate, so we'll be digging in when we get there. We are making it a rallying point for any allied house."
  • Spymaster Illias: "Our messages to the other houses should break the hold of the Mancer on our people. The gate will finally reveal all the Mancer lies."
  • Lector Saladtree: "We come to stop you. But know this! No good will come from your endeavour. Once more you play the ancient role and pain is always the result."
  • Lancer Sala: "We are near...we're dropping the key, go ahead and locate the gate!"
  • Lancer Sala: " around the Maw here, something must be hidden."
  • Spymaster Illias: "Behold! Oberon's Gate! And as we expected...Freebooters. For eyars we drove them from their caves, burned them there and we were right...they had the gate all this time! Get them!"
  • Brother Atlan: "We will die before letting your murderous kin open this gate. You have no idea as to why we have kept it from you and you never will!"
  • Spymaster Illias: "We celebrate tonight! We have taken Oberon's Gate. Messengers are going out, the Houses will rise to our side and all will be truly free!"

Post Mission[]

  • Seachantress: "Behold the secret of Oberon's Gate. The secret of the Mancer...the eternal gate...the sealed ingress. No being has crossed since the time of its creation. No ship departed this world. It is sealed and all are sealed inside. For millennia the key has been sought...but never found. Our tragedy...knowing we are not meant for this bleak, wet world - but destined to suffer it for eternity."