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Northern Imperium is a faction in The Falconeer.


Of the main powers on the Great Ursee, the Imperium is the largest cohesive power bloc. The Imperial throne holds power over all of the Northern Ursee. Noble houses scheme and manipulate at the court of the Empress

House Borgia’s Spymaster Illias has been preparing her House for a confrontation with the Mancer Order. House Borgia which she leads has always held a unique position away more independent of Mancer control. A trait she’d like to export to the rest of the Imperium.

Subterfuge and manipulation have always been the tools of House Borgia, but it has yet to be seen if she can hold her own in open conflict with a Mancer Crusade.


  • Ensign
  • Lancer
  • Captain
  • Marshall
  • Ser