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β€œ We continue to receive intercepts. It seems that the Spymaster realises she is missing a piece of the puzzle. Another temple is now their target. β€ž
~ Lord Illuminator Belan


  • Lord Illuminator Belan: "We do not destroy history, we do not ignore it, we study it. A lesson that is dawning on them as they struggle with Oberon's Gate."
  • Librarian Drakken: "But the Spymaster learns quickly, they are targeting more temples and looking for clues to help them."
  • Librarian Drakken: "How they found the Temple of Lost Creation is baffling...perhaps more spies, or something left as Basilicus Secundus. Either way they must be prevented from reaching it."
  • Lord Illuminator Belan: "Take off and prevent them from looting the temple. Make haste!"

In Mission[]

  • Librarian Drakken: "This temple is in the North Maw wildlands. Keep your eyes open!"
  • Librarian Drakken: "Pirates! Nothing like a good war to loosen the morals eh."
  • Librarian Drakken: "Hmmm...a force of Imperial Cutters, we'll need to take them down!"
  • Librarian Drakken: "Good work, the temple is revealed. Let us see how far they came."
  • Librarian Drakken: "I can see recent markings, it could be we are too late. They might have the location of the final temple."
  • Librarian Drakken: "Have a look for yourself, but after that let us make haste."

Post Mission[]

  • Lord Illuminator Belan: "We cannot be certain that the Spymaster has the location, but the next mission is clear, we must guard the Temple of Hidden Tears...just in case."