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Lorekeeper Iasper is a character found in The Falconeer. He appears at the home settlement for each chapter, and shares lore regarding the faction that makes that settlement home.


On the Ursee, the Imperial Houses rule. The Mancer Order researches, maintains and controls technology. And the common people? ... Well, they do the work, fish the Ursee, trade between its settlements and ultimately always suffer from the fragile balance of power between the Imperium and the Mancer Order. Few people are more aware of this than the people of Dunkle. A spec on the Ursee and barely a glimmer on the titanic struggles of the great houses. This part of the Ursee, has been plagued by pirates and criminals, who find a welcome home...far enough away from the Imperial do as they please.


Cleftspire has taken the brunt of these attacks by this so-called..."Lost", or..."Freebooters", as the common folk call them. Recently we have seen tensions between the Mancer Order and the Imperium increase. The Imperium including House Mercius of Cleftspire are without a supply of technology needed for their ever-growing fleet. Now that the Mancer Order have declared sanctions against the Imperium, Cleftspire is left to deal with the Freebooters at a disadvantage.


House Borgia believe they have earned their independence from the Mancer Order and the great vaults of knowledge they control. Shard has waited patiently...preparing for this time of unprecendented change. The emancipation of House Borgia will pave the way for the future of all the great houses. This time

Oberon's Reach[]

This is the Reach, the sacred keep of the Mancer Order. This is where secrets are contained, the path of the Ursee is plotted. Not for the sake of power, or such worldly affairs, but for redemption and the survival of all the people of the Urse. A task for which the Mancer Order has suffered for a millennia. And now, like so many times before, the lust for power has disturbed the balance and the way forward has been blocked. Oberon's Reach awakes, not to the sound of progress and learning, but the sound of war and chaos. A crusade to purge and punish the evil acts of oath-breaking and mass murder upon the lost. Houses of Borgia and Mercius have committed... in the name of the Imperium.