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We see few paths forward, House Borgia has prepared well and we feel we need to reach out to the Empress.Lord Illuminator Belan


  • Lord Illuminator Belan: "We shall meet an Imperial Emissary at Castellus...neutral ground. You will a escort a ship, with our own emissary."
  • Librarian Drakken: "We will inform the Empress of the true nature of the Situation and hope she will see the dangers of our current trajectory."
  • Lord Illuminator Belan: "This is an unprecedented step, but we are left with few choices. The ship leaves from Basilicus Primus. Start our journey there."

In Mission

  • Librarian Drakken: "We see you! Let us make haste to our target."
  • Librarian Drakken: "Incoming Pirates!"
  • Lector Scummer: "It is a shame our people turn to Piracy, this is not the path we've worked for."
  • Lector Scummer: "Our Order has wished to bring all the people to the light, to grow their societies, whilst keeping their souls safe until such a time that all could be saved."
  • Lector Scummer: "But those with ambition and anger, feel denied...they would sacrifice the many so that the few might ascend!"
  • Lector Scummer: "Those are the ones whom we cannot tell the truth, they would twist it and let our work perish."
  • Lector Scummer: "Here we are, let us present our case."
  • Imperial Emissary: "So the Mancer Order comes to explain their secrets, well spit it out!"
  • Lector Scummer: "The gate is a folly...for centuries we have sought to open it, but it has long lost its power. This is a dangerous but useful truth."
  • Imperial Emissary: "But why hide it if it is an inert relic! As always you keep more truths from us than you bring."
  • Lector Scummer: "Many centuries ago, it was a weapon that scarred our world. A gateway to a sun was opened."
  • Imperial Emissary: "The Maw...are you talking about the Maw?! Who would do something like that?!"
  • Lector Scummer: "The House of Dunkle did...House Borgia did...we ourselves did. It was the logical end of a terrible war, it was a foregone conclusion."
  • Lector Scummer: "But we stopped it then - together. Oaths were made! We bring proof with us...documents...histories."
  • Imperial Emissary: "And you would hold us to these oaths...even though the gate is non-functional? Even now you distort and hide the truth!"
  • Lector Scummer: "It is all we can offer, we leave you with the evidence we bring, we hope it will suffice."
  • Librarian Drakken: "The Empress still holds to the path, but it won't be long before she too will fall, I can see the hunger in their eyes. We return home."

Post Mission

  • Lord Illuminator Belan: "We have provided the Empress and her advisors with new information, the Imperium is on the brink of civil war already. Let us hop this helps those loyal to the path."
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