The Falconeer Wiki

You can change the difficulty of The Falconeer via the settings menu. It has 3 difficulties: easy, normal, and hardcore.


The casual experience.
Recommended for those who don't regularly play video games, have accessibility needs, or just want to play for the story.


  • Enemies deal half damage
  • Your pots cannot explode


The standard difficulty.
Recommended for the average gamer.


The equal combat mode.
Recommended for those doing a second playthrough or that want a serious challenge. Your advantage over enemies is significantly reduced.


  • Enemies deal double damage, equal to the Pristine (★★★★★★) weapons grade.
  • Enemy accuracy is higher
  • You can take self-damage from exploding sea mines
  • Friendly fire is enabled between you and allies
  • You do not get free ammo refills at your home
  • Your health is reduced, equal to enemy health levels
  • Your health regen is reduced
  • Your pots overcharge faster and break faster from explosive damage
  • You lose more splinters on death