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All the work so far has assured our place at the table. But we cannot afford to have anyone discover how we acquired Saladmount. It is time to take care of those pirates and destroy their hideout.
~ Master of Letters Mcmillan


  • Master of Letters Mcmillan: "We now have all we need for a prosperous future. With the support of House Borgia we have taken control of Saladmount. The pirates have provided a convenient smokescreen for the entire affair. However, it would be very damaging if anyone were to discover how we took advantage of the situation. It's time to take care of those pirates and the base they have been operating from."
  • Freeman Serson: "We will meet up with one of our cutters and escort the ship to the location of the pirate base. We're bound to run into the remainder of their force. Whatever survived the battle for Saladmount will be waiting for us."
  • Freeman Serson: "Once we get there, we need to destroy all pirate defenders. Once we've cleared the air and sea forces, from the cutter we will transfer and capture the fortress. Our deal with House Borgia, depends on us leaving no trace."
  • Master of Letters Mcmillan: "Indeed, it would be bad for business and interfere with our plans. I'd appreciate it if this was dealt with efficiently and quietly."

In Mission[]

  • Scout Iasper: "A good day for pirate hunting eh... Be careful of pirate patrols while we make our way to their hideout. They're sure to spot us ahead of our arrival."
  • Freeman Serson: "We've been spotted, incoming pirate warbirds!"
  • Freeman Serson: "There on that high ridge, the pirate fort! Above it a wing of skullships, those are our first targets."
  • Freeman Serson: "We did well, everyone's still in one piece. The marines are cleaning up the base, taking care of any remaining evidence. We should head back immediately."

Post Mission[]

  • Master of Letters Mcmillan: "Excellent, you did well. The pirates are gone and with it all of the remaining loose ends."