The Falconeer Wiki

The classes and their birds; from the top: 1. Falconeer 2. Mercenary 3. Imperial Freelancer 4. Mancer Seeker

At the start of a chapter, you will choose the appearance of your falconeer and your class. Each class comes with a base weapon and a bird with a distinct look. Your bird provides different base stats which either help your mobility or survivability while your weapon will determine how you output damage.


Defender of the people. No mercenary for coinage, wield your lightning caster and warbird to escort trading and fishing ships against pirates, kraken and other threats.


Fly for the highest coin and work for whoever can afford your skills and the shiny new magnetar rifle you carry into battle.

Imperial Freelancer[]

The Imperium always has use for those not suited to the rigid hierarchy of its fleets. Free enough to achieve objectives, loyal enough to take the fall.

Mancer Seeker[]

The first on site as new relics are discovered or technology retrieved. Infiltrators and defenders of the Mancer Path, a Mancer seeker is always well equipped and dangerous.