The Falconeer Wiki

"So, you want to be a Falconeer?

Well warbirds are expensive, and we don't just let any old bilge waste take them out there, make no mistake that the value of this fine beast far exceeds your own worth - and before we even BEGIN to think of letting you out on patrol there will be an extensive training regime to make sure that you have what it takes.

Training begins first thing tomorrow morning, we've provided you with a field manual from the Imperial Naval College designed to give you the very basics of flight and warbird capabilities. The rest you'll need to pick up from the field, there's no substitute for the teaching of wind under your wings.

Study these documents carefully and commit them to memory, mistakes leading to the waste of a warbird will be counted as the highest of treason, and you will be prosecuted as such.

Good luck!" - Imperium Warbird Master

Study these texts thoroughly initiate! Your life may very well rely on it!

Basic Flight Controls - Controller[]


"These birds are graceful, agile and lethal, but make no mistake they will just as easily go their own way if they feel like it. It may SEEM easy to fly, but keeping them under your control is a different matter, something you will time" - Imperium flight scholar.

Study the controls well, they are all that will keep you in the skies

Basic Flight Controls - Flight Stick[]

What's this?! You've brought your own saddle? Well it might not be standard issue but if you think it will help then on your head be it!

The Basics Of Flight[]

"So you've managed to sit on the warbird without falling off? Well done you. No seriously, well done. 80% of the previous batch of initiates couldn't even stay on the birds back.

When it takes off it's important to stay focused, the feeling of flight and the sights may take your breath away - but remember you are not just fighting against the will of a natural predator, but against the elements and physics themselves. Get it wrong and the results will take your breath away too - literally..." - Imperium flight instructor

You need to understand the relationship between physics and the warbird itself before we let you out - we aren't going to scrape you off a rock

Basic Combat[]

"See that Lightning Caster there? It's older than the stone here itself, but it will still reduce you to ashes in a moments notice if you aren't paying attention. Keep it forward facing at all times, and use the manoeuvrability of your warbird to outpace your targets evasion.

How do you re-load it? *BWAHAHAHA....* oh you're SERIOUS? - you fly into lightning storms of course, just don't tally too long or those tanks will explode and send you down in fla....hey! Where are you going?! Come back you coward!" - Imperium Master Of Arms to a particularly nervous initiate.

You will need to be just as smart as your target is agile.

Engaging Large Targets[]

"The enemy won't always fight fair, don't be surprised if in the middle of a dogfight a capital ship or airship wades in and begins to suppress you!

You may find yourself outgunned in a situation such as this, but keep your nerve. What you lack in pound for pound damage output - you will make up for in manoeuvrability and cunning! Fly hard, fly fast, find their weak points and target them one by one to cripple their mobility and reduce their combat effectiveness.

If you're half as good at aiming as you are at trying my patience, you might even manage to hit something critical - in which case get some distance and watch the fireworks" - Imperium Combat Instructor

The bigger they are, the bigger the explosion


"Strong multitasking is an essential trait for any Falconeer, at any given moment you must be aware of your surroundings, the waters you are over, your enemies position, and listening to radio chatter - don't let it overwhelm you, focus. Monitor your birds health, and how much it has left in the tank - if it gets low? keep an eye out for fish, a quick snack will get you back in the fight in no time" - Imperium Master Of Arms

Pay attention to your surroundings, don't let them overwhelm you.

Player Statistics[]

"Ahh don't be too disheartened young one, even the grandest and most famous Falconeers started off as green as Gobspit. We all have our stories and pasts that lead us here, what's important is that you take control of your story in the now - you're the author, and the sky is not even a limit to those with the determination to ascend - and you can always find a chant or two to help out along the way. Mutagens? Well, the effects are impressive but too much will waste your warbird, and losing a bird is like losing a piece of yourself you want to avoid that at all me." - Master Of Letters Mcmillan

Mutagens, Chants and Levelling will help to increase your effectiveness